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Advantages and classification of medicinal glass bottles in the pharmaceutical industry

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Infusion package: domestic infusion packaging mostly medicinal glass bottle, because the medicinal glass bottle with smooth and transparent, easy disinfection, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good sealing performance and other advantages, is still the best choice for most infusion packaging.

Oral liquid packaging: oral liquid preparation, health care products as the main, the current health care products oral liquid packaging for medical glass bottles. Mainly controlled transparent brown oral liquid glass bottles and molded brown glass bottles.

Freeze drying agent packaging: most of the freeze drying agents on the market are mostly controlled bottles and molded bottles.

Tablet and capsule packing: in recent years, tablets and capsule packaging have been replaced by plastic, but high quality light transparent brown glass bottles still have their irreplaceable advantages and development space.

Powder injection packaging: China's various powder injection drugs mainly antibiotics, packaging mainly molded injection, glass bottles and controlled injection glass bottles. At present, molded glass bottles account for seventy or eighty of the powder packaging and twenty or thirty of controlled glass bottles. The former has the advantages of stable size and good stability. The latter has the advantages of light weight and good transparency.

In summary, medicinal glass bottle still occupies a very important position in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, with the development of society, with the development and improvement of the medicinal glass bottle, will be more and more important in medicinal glass bottle industry.