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Glass bottle has a good and suitable temperature resistance

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Glass bottles have good resistance to sharp temperature variation: suitable forms of wine are high temperature drying, sterilization or freeze drying process in production, which requires the glass container with good and suitable to resist the drastic changes in temperature without cracking ability. The thermal resistance of glass is mainly related to the coefficient of thermal expansion. The lower the coefficient of thermal expansion, the stronger its resistance to temperature changes. For example, many high-grade vaccine preparations, biological preparations and freeze-dried preparations should generally use 3.3 borosilicate glass or 5 borosilicate glass. A large number of domestic production of low borosilicate glass has larger temperature difference changes, often prone to crack, the bottle fell bottom phenomenon. In recent years, a great development of 3.3 China borosilicate glass, the glass is particularly suitable for lyophilized preparation, because the anti temperature blast performance is better than its 5 borosilicate glass.