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How to distinguish between good and bad glass

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From the observation of other glass appearance: beautiful lines, suitable proportion, characteristics of the cup of wine. Different collocation type can Cup: laser cutting cup create elegant visual and taste to enjoy a cup of lip and non lip cup (thin edge, no incision) cup lip called Cold Cut, whose purpose is to make drinking more fluently, can easily be the wine into the wider mouth, in order to make more different parts of the taste buds. No joint: the cup body and leg, leg and foot plate, lateral foot plate should be smooth, no trace of the cup body. The cup body: even a foot disc clean levelling, no bubble and corrugated mold materials and techniques: bright and transparent clear pure colorless wine show faithful appearance color smooth base: to provide better stability and two. To analyze the breakage resistance from traditional crystal glass material: adding lead and lead content classification, such as 24% 16% 8%. The advantages of saving fuel and reducing - increase the transmittance of the material becomes soft after adding lead to melting point, easy carving grinding processing and using. High plasticity, modelling diversity, suitable for artificial blowing because of the low melting point of system faults - so the chemical resistance is poor, prone to oxidation and reduction and release of lead. Low hardness, scratching, easy to wash or wipe after affect the appearance. The density is low, breakage resistance. Lead-free crystal raw materials other than lead to, Titanium potassium magnesium zinc barium is common. The principle of the optical glass, such as glasses telescope microscope. Advantages of high melting point - good chemical resistance, not easy to oxidation and reduction, no health concerns with the leaded glass light transmittance, crystal clear. After washing or wiping high hardness, not easy to leave scratches, density and timeless. High breakage resistance is good, practical and durable. Disadvantages - high hardness, not easy to carve grinding processing and using. High density, low plasticity, not other diversity, not suitable for artificial blowing test three. Learned from the subject of wine containing functional blindness: highly positive Lucaris received numerous goblet catering services and wine experts lovers, that it can fully show the wine aroma and texture, enhance the taste delicious to create the perfect balance (2009 Bangkok blind test results) four. Durable and solid experimental data from the cup body strength: Luc Aris Lu Cary our tall thin clear cup body has the advantages of high strength and durability. The results of standard impact test display can withstand 95 grams 30 cm ball drop, without any fragmentation damage. Temperature tolerance: temperature change our stand nearly 100 Lucaris road Cary C, without breakage or cracking phenomenon. Detergent tolerance: Lucaris road Cary company can tolerance more than five hundred times concentrated alkaline cleaning agent cleaning without damage risk, in line with the European BS EN12875-4 BS EN12875-5 household utensils and catering service ware industry standard. Cup foot and joint strength of advanced scientific and technological achievements: smooth seamless cup feet, Lucaris goblet can withstand up to 30 kg load without damage.